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Pillars of Eternity: A Farmer's Plight, Blood Legacy, Cat and Mouse, Nest Egg, The Sealed Missive, Hard Bargain

How to finish the first set of side quests available in Twin Elms, where the third Act of Pillars of Eternity takes place.

Your first visit to Dryford Village will likely occur during the main quest, Through Death's Gate. Once there you can pick up a number side quests that will help your party members level up.

A Farmer's Plight

This quest can be done alongside Blood Legacy, so be sure to activate that quest as well before leaving the village.

Go just to the south of Dryford Mill and speak with Rumbald at his pigpen.

Head north-east to Trygil's Curriery in the large ruined tower building. Speak to Trygil and ask about the Ogre and Rumbald's pigs. Exit the Curriery, then go left past the building, under the arch. Cross the bridge to the east and go to the World Map. Travel to Dryford Crossing, then take the path immediately south, across the stony path on the river. Head east along the riverbank until you reach the cave in the far south-east of the region.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

Speak with the ogre, Korgrak. You can fight him or convince him to leave. We chose to talk him into leaving. We were also able to recruit him to the keep, as we had built our barracks by this point in the game.

Return to the village and speak with Rumbald to complete the quest.

Blood Legacy

This quest can be completed alongside the quest, A Farmer's Plight, so make sure to activate that quest as well before leaving the village.

Speak with a House Harond Guard next to Dryford Mill, just over the bridge as you first enter the village. Next, enter the Dracogen Inn, just behind the mill and to the east. Watch the cut-scene and then speak to Lord Harond and agree to find Lady Aelys.

Exit the inn and head south-east from the door, past the well in the centre of the village, and then enter Winfrith's Arms and Armory. Speak with Winfrith about Lady Aelys.

Go back outside and walk north-east towards the Apothecary behind the armoury. Speak with Hedyna about Lady Aelys, then walk north-west and enter the Curriery. Speak with Trygil and force him to tell you about Lady Aelys.

Leave the Curriery and go left past the building, under the arch. Cross the bridge to the east and go to the World Map. Travel to Dryford Crossing, then take the path immediately south, across the stony path on the river. Head east along the riverbank until you reach the cave in the far south-east of the region. In the cave, speak with the ogre called Korgrak.

Leave the cave and walk north-west across the stony river path to find Dryford Ruins. Enter the ruins using the Mechanics skill, Might or by using a hammer and chisel and a pry bar.

Once in the ruins, go downstairs and along the corridor. Go south-east at the end and then through the door ahead in south-westerly direction. Travel round through a few rooms south-east, then north-west to end up at a crossroads. Turn south-west and cross the broken bridge using a grappling hook and rope.

Go through the door in the next room and along the corridor. In the next room, travel north-east and walk through three rooms to reach the room with the old dungeon key, which is inside a chest.

Return to the crossroads and use the key on the door to the north-east. Talk to the Blood Pool. You can sacrifice one of your party members here for a permanent stat boost if you want. Exit to the north-west, and go on into the library through the door ahead of you. Collect the Crypt master key from the table.

Exit the Library and go north-east. Enter the door to the north-west, then go through the next one on the right hand side of the corridor, and in the next room open the door to the crypt with the Crypt master key. Watch the cut-scene and then let Lady Aelys go.

There is an exit you can unlock in the far north-west corner of the ruins which takes you straight to Trygil's Curriery if you have a high Mechanics skill, otherwise take the long route and go back to Dryford Village.

Enter Dracogen Inn and speak with Lord Harond. Choose what you wish to tell him about Lady Aelys in order to complete the quest.

Cat and Mouse

Just south of the Temple of Berath, where you first enter Dryford Village, speak with Medreth.

Head to Dracogen Inn. Go upstairs and speak to Nyfre, who is in the first room you come to on this floor. You need to decide whether to let Nyfre be, send her to Medreth or fight her. We chose to fight her.

When you're done, return to Medreth to complete the task.

Nest Egg

In Dryford Village, head to the east, then go to the Apothecary behind the armoury. Speak with Hedyna to find out about her need for a Drake egg.

Use the north-east exit from the village and travel to Dryford Crossing. Walk along the path to the east, but turn down onto the pebble path across the water instead of continuing along the path. Go past the Dryford ruins and onto another pebble path, behind them to the east.

Turn north and head up to the ledge, where Sevis will speak to you. Fight him and his group or pay him 800 gold to leave.

Collect the egg from the ledge behind Sevis. You'll need to pass both an Athletics and a Constitution check to collect the egg safely, but if you're not high enough level you can use two grappling hooks.

Return to Hedyna in Dryford Village and give her the egg to complete the quest.

The Sealed Missive

You can gain access to Elmshore on the World Map via Stormwall Gorge, south of Dryford Village.

From the entrance as you arrive from Stormwall Gorge, travel east along the path and follow it as it turns north-east. Go over the bridge and turn immediately south. Speak to the Dying Monk, sitting under the tree.

Take the missive from him. You can now either open it or leave it closed. We decided not to peek. Exit Elmshore to the far south-east, and then travel to Hearthsong. Go to the south-east of the map and use the elevator to reach Celestial Sapling Inn. Give the missive to the High Monk to complete the quest.

Hard Bargain

Head to the south-east of Hearthsong and speak to Rinatto by the elevator to the Celestial Sapling Inn. Find out about his issue with Alarhi.

Go north up two flights of stairs and past the round Builders Hearth. Alarhi is in the Glanfathan home to the west of the northern exit from the map. Speak with Alarhi, after which you can choose to either fight her or side with her and convince Rinatto to leave Twin Elms. We chose to side with Alarhi.

Return to the elevator and speak with Rinatto. Convince him to leave by telling him you are a Watcher. Return to Alarhi if you decided to side with her, and speak with Alarhi again to complete the quest.

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