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Pillars of Eternity: Unwanted, Missing Sentries, Built to Last, Winds of Steel, Cinders of Faith, Safe Haven

The next part of our complete Pillars of Eternity walkthrough guides you through the process of finishing the last Act 2 side quests.

Here's our step-by-step guide to completing the final batch of side quests in the second Act of Pillars of Eternity.


Enter the Crucible Keep in the east of First Fires. In the room at the end of the corridor, search the desk to the right and find a letter. Speak to Justiciary Aldmar who's near the front door to the keep.

Exit Crucible Keep and First Fires and head to Copperlane. Enter the Catacombs from here, in the south. Follow the corridor until you reach a small ached bridge to the east. Cross over and walk south, then go through the second entrance you come to on the east side.

Enter the room to the north to find Eorn. Kill Eorn, then go to Crucible Keep again in First Fires and speak with Justiciary Aldmar to complete the quest.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

Missing Sentries - Crucible Knights faction

Enter the Crucible Keep in the east of First Fires. Enter the room to the right at the end of the corridor. Speak with Wyla, then exit the keep and head to the exit at the far north-west of the map to enter Heritage Hill.

Speak to the guards at the gate and tell them about having permission to enter. Take the path to the north-east and follow it until you reach the monument in a circle. To the north of the monument, enter the tomb. Fight Leyra and the accompanying sentries.

Go back to the Crucible Keep and speak to Wyla to complete the quest.

Build to Last - Crucible Knights faction

Enter the Crucible Keep in the east of First Fires. Enter the door to the north, then walk east along the corridor. Head north up the stairs and speak to Commander Clyver and agree to find the research. Next, go to Copperlane and enter the Scriveners Dormitory in the north. Speak with Coren when you get there.

Travel to Ondra's Gift. Go to the Abandoned House in the north-west, just above the exit to Heritage Hill. Inside the room to the west, speak with Vianna and Dodwyna. Fight Dodwyna, then retrieve the research results from Dodwyna's body.

Return to Crucible Keep in First Fires. This time, enter the room to the left at the end of the corridor and then go in the room to the north. Give the research results to Dunstan.

Winds of Steel - Crucible Knights faction

You need to complete Built to Last to access this quest.

Enter the Crucible Keep in the east of First Fires. Enter the door to the north and then walk east along the corridor. Head north up the stairs and speak to Commander Clyver.

Leave Defiance Bay and head to Anslog's Compass on the World Map. Go to the pier to the south and speak to Aranroed. Fight the group of mercenaries that attack you, then speak to Aranroed again.

Return to Crucible Keep in First Fires in Defiance Bay. As you approach, you'll be attacked by a steel knight. Defeat him and then another enemy so you can enter the keep. There will be four more enemies to defeat around the keep itself. Once you've destroyed them all, speak with Commander Clyver to complete the quest and choose Cruicle Knights as your faction.

Cinders of Faith

In the far north of First Fires, enter Ducal Palace. Go through the first door on your right to access a large circular room with a statue in the centre. Speak to Fyrga.

Next, go to Copperlane and enter Admeth's Den in the far north-east of the region. Speak to Wenan in front of the map table to find out about the cave.

Leave Defiance Bay to the east, passing through Aedelwan Bridge, and then go on to Woodend Plains. From here, head south and take the south-west exit to reach Searing Falls. From the entrance, head directly west and then turn north to enter the cave you find there.

Walk to the far side of it and get ready to fight a Drake, several Xaurips and also a couple of young Drakes. Kill the smaller enemies before fighting the large Drake named Cail. Collect the Burning Stone from Cail's body, then return to Ducal Palace in First Fires and give Fyrga the stone.

Safe Haven

Travel to Heritage Hill and walk straight along the main path from the entrance to the back of the map. Next, enter Valtas Manor to activate the quest. After watching the cut-scene, exit the manor and walk east along the road around to the south.

You'll eventually come to the Valtas Mausoleum. Speak to Saeda inside the tomb and tell her to leave.

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