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Pillars of Eternity: Hard Feelings, Far from Home, The Theorems of Pandrgam, Brave Derrin

Our Pillars of Eternity guide continues with a look at the next set of quests available in the Defiance Bay region of the game.

If you're aligned with House Doemenel, you can receive another quest by visiting their headquarters in the centre north of Brackenbury.

Hard Feelings

On the first floor, speak with Bricanta Doemenel, then travel to Ondra's Gift. In the far north - to the west of the north exit - you'll find Kolfecg's House which is just to the left of an abandoned house. Speak with Kolfecg, then choose whether to fight him or let him leave. We chose the latter option.

Return to House Doemenel when you've made your decision and speak with Bricanta Doemenel. We lied and told her we had killed him to end the quest.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

Far from Home

In Brackenbury, go to the Charred Barrel in the east, and to the south of Reymont Manor. Speak to Thristwn who you'll find at the table on your left as you enter to begin the quest.

Exit Brackenbury from the far west exit above Hadret House and go to Ondra's Gift. Head to The Salty Mast, which is to the east of the map before you reach the harbour.

Inside, speak to Maei near the front entrance. You'll have to pay him 1,000 gold in order to speak with Serel. Once you've given him the money, head up the stairs on the right-hand side of the bar. On the next floor, pass through the door on the west, then speak with Serel.

Buy the medallion for 6,000 gold, then return to the Charred Barrel in Brackenbury and give the medallion to Thristwn to complete the quest.

The Theorems of Pandrgam

Before beginning this quest, make sure you complete The Parable of Weal, which you can get from Grimda in the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane.

When you're ready, head to Brackenbury Sanitarium in the far north-west. Instead of entering though, speak with Nedyn just outside to begin the quest.

Next, go to the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane, in the far north-west and just above the exit to First Fires. Speak with Grimda at the far end of the hall, then enter the corridor to the west and use the key Grimda gave you on the door to the north. This will lead you into the Elder Archives.

Use Scouting to move towards the chest on the far left of the room and expose the trap. Disarm it, and then retrieve Pandrgam's Theorem. Give the scroll to Nedyn back outside Brackenbury Sanitarium in order to finish up this quest.

Brave Derrin

In Ondra's Gift, go north of the central arched stone bridge and enter Odda's House. Speak with Odda to accept the task. Exit, then head south-east towards the Salty Mast.

Once inside, speak with the man drinking at the bar, before exiting back to Ondra's Gift. Just south of the Salty Mast are some steps leading down into the shallow waters. Go down them and then turn east where you'll find Derrin's body.

Click on the spirit and search Derrin's body, then go back upstairs and walk west, before heading up the set of stairs to the west of Odda's House. Just south of the exit, walk along the wooden gangplank until you bump into some thugs. Show Bragan the dagger you collected from Derrin's body, then kill Bragan and the four thugs.

When the fight's finished, go back to Odda's house and speak with Odda to complete the task.

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