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Pillars of Eternity: A Two Story Job, Rogue Knight, The Bronze Beneath The Lake, The Changing of the Guard

The next part of our complete Pillars of Eternity walkthrough explains how to complete another handful of Defiance Bay side quests.

Choosing side quests that increase your reputation with one of Defiance Bay's factions will allow you to gain their invite to the anamancy hearings in the main story quest, The Hermit of Hadret House. However, you may not wish to complete The Hermit of Hadret House until you've done all of the side quests in Defiance Bay, as you will not be able to return after this quest.

A Two Story Job - House Doemenel faction

In Copperlane, enter a house directly behind the Goose and Fox and to the east of the marketplace square. Kill the thieves inside, then collect the letter from one of the thieves' bodies to begin the quest.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

You can take the letter to Abrecan Doemenel or give it to Lord Reymont, informing him about the robbery. To gain House Doemenel as your faction, give the letter to Abrecan Doemenel. House Doemenel is in the centre north of Brackenbury, which is accessible through the south exit in Copperlane. Agree to steal the gem for Abrecan Doemenel.

Reymont Manor is north-east of House Doemenel. Enter the manor and strike the servant, then fight two guards and make your way to the first floor. Go to the end of the corridor and use Scouting mode to spot the candlestick lever that opens the secret room. Use Scouting mode to disarm a trap and collect the gem. Give the gem to Abrecan Doemenel to complete the quest and gain House Doemenel as your faction

Rogue Knight - The Dozens faction

Behind the marketplace in the far north-east of Copperlane is Admeth's Den Expedition Hall, which is the headquarters of The Dozens faction. Enter the hall and speak with Osric at the far end. Agree to recover his missing breastplate from Crucible Keep.

Enter First Fires district through the north-west exit in Copperlane. Travel south past a broken tower, then go down a flight of stairs. Head south-east, then go north through and archway and up another flight of stairs to enter Crucible Keep.

Walk along the corridor and into the centre room at the back. Collect Penhelm's Affidavit from the shelf at the rear of the room, then exit the keep and take the south exit just outside the archway to Brackenbury.

In Brackenbury, go to Hadret House in the far south-west of the zone. Follow the red carpet through to the next room on the ground floor and speak with Kurren. Once you leave Hadret House, you'll speak with Penhelm. Tell him to let the past go in order to receive the breastplate.

Return the breastplate to Osric to complete the quest and gain The Dozens as your faction.

The Bronze Beneath the Lake

You can only get this quest once you complete the Rogue Knight side quest, given by The Dozens faction.

In Admeth's Den Expedition Hall, speak to Wenan who's in from of the map table. Travel to Woodend Plains on the World Map, then head to the south-east corner of the region and speak to the Giantslayers. Fight them, but concentrate on getting rid of the mage first to make the fight a lot easier. Collect the adra disc from the bodies when the fight's over.

Exit the map using the nearby south-eastern exit, then go to Stormwall Gorge on the World Map. Walk south of the path to find the entrance to Lle a Rhemen ruins, a large circular stone structure. Wait until nightfall and then use the agra disc on the slot. Enter the temple.

Crawl under the spiderwebs to get through the tunnel, then enter the Southern Chamber. Speak to Nridk, collect the Engwithan weapon from the sarcophagus, then return to Admeth's Den in Copperlane. Give Wenan the Engwithan weapon to complete the quest.

The Changing of the Guard

If you chose to align yourself with House Doemenel, you can get this quest once you've finished A Two Story Job. Go to House Doemenel in the north centre of Brackenbury, then head upstairs and speak with Gedmar Doemenel to begin the quest.

Once you return downstairs, Abrecan Doemenel will talk to you. First of all, go to Crucible Keep in the centre east of the First Fires district. After you've entered, head through into the room at the end of the corridor, then go through the door at the far end. Turn south-east and into a long corridor, then go through the door on your right before the stairs when you reach the end.

Fight and kill Marshal Wenfeld in this room, but make sure you don't start the battle while the guard who wanders in and out of this room is about. When you're done, go to the altar at the back of the room and plant the Dozens token there.

Return to Gedmar Doemenel and speak with the NPC to complete the quest.

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