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Pillars of Eternity: His Old Self, The Parable of Wael, A Voice From The Past, Something Secret

The next part of our complete Pillars of Eternity walkthrough shows you how to complete the first half of the Defiance Bay side quests.

Some of the side quests you'll pick up in Defiance Bay depend on which of three factions you choose to align yourself with. Once you have a positive reputation with one - and a negative reputation with another - you will be offered some new side quests, while forfeiting the chance to undertake others.

Make sure to visit the faction headquarters of The Knights of the Crucible, House Doemenel and The Dozens before completing quests for any one of these factions to decide who you want to ally with.

His Old Self

You'll enter Copperlane in Defiance Bay via Aedelwan Bridge. Just over the bridge ahead of you and to the north-east is the Goose and Fox Inn. Head inside, then go towards the rear of the ground floor and speak to Kaenra. Agree to return her engagement ring to Purnisc.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

Back outside the Goose and Fox, head north past the marketplace on your right, and find Purnisc's house just ahead of you. Pass through the first room and into the door on the right. Speak with Purnisc and give him the ring.

You can leave him be after that and return to Kaenra, but if you push him for more info he will act rather suspiciously. Either fight him and the mercenaries, or bribe the mercenary at the bottom of the stairs towards the rear of the house to let you go upstairs.

You need to battle three mercenaries on the upper level, get the key to the locked room to the east, then head inside meet the real Purnisc. If you haven't yet battled the fake Purnisc, head back downstairs and take him out, along with his guards.

Before he dies he'll reveal himself to actually be a mage called Nyrid. When Nyrid is close to death, you'll get an opportunity to decide whether to kill him or send him to the dungeon in your stronghold (if you've purchased it).

Speak to Purnisc when the battle is over, then return to Kaendra and either tell her about Purnisc's Svef dealing, or lie to end the quest.

The Parable of Wael

To the north of Copperlane, above the Theatre and to the west of Purnisc's house, is the Hall of Revealed Mysteries. After entering, walk along the main corridor towards the rear of the building and speak with Grimda about the missing scroll and the thieves.

Next, travel east out of Copperlane, then go east again at Aedelwan Bridge to reach Woodend Plains. In the south-east corner you'll find an abandoned house. Fight the five thieves and the bear, then search them to find the missing scroll.

You will be instructed to bury the scroll in Black Meadow. You can either do this, or return it to Grimda. We chose to return to Black Meadow and bury it. The Drake Skull where you bury the scroll is to the far east of the map, just south of the main road. Bury the skull facing eastwards, then return to the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane, and speak with Grimda again to complete the quest.

A Voice from the Past

To the west of the theatre, just north of a small bridge, speak with Dalton. Go over the small bridge to the south and west to find the door to the catacombs. In the catacombs, move south-west along the corridor to the very end, then take the path north-west. At the end of the path you'll enter a large circular room, beyond which is another passage that takes you to a room where you meet and speak with Helig of Thein about Rowyna.

Return to Copperlane, then take the exit to the south of the Catacombs entrance in order to reach Brackenbury. Head south-west down two flights of stairs, then head north of the fountain to the entrance to the Brackenbury Sanitarium.

Go to the rear of the sanitarium's ground floor, then downstairs to the lower level. Walk along the corridor and through the only door to the north. Enter the first room on the right and speak with Moedred. You can choose to side with Moedred at this point, or continue to side with Helig. We sided with Moedred and returned the chest key to him.

Go back to the catacombs when you're ready and fight Helig. You can then collect the amulet from him, before returning it to Dalton back in Copperlane. You can convince him to either free or keep Rowyna's soul in order to end the quest.

Something Secret

Speak with Gordy by a small bridge south of the theatre. Next, head to the marketplace to the east of the map, north of the Goose and Fox. Speak to Igrun about the March steel dagger. He'll direct you to the adventurers in the Goose and Fox Inn.

Take the stairs at the back of the Goose and Fox to reach the upper floor. The adventurers are at the top of the stairs. Speak to Two-Tone Weaxel, then either buy the dagger or fight the adventurers for it. Once you've got your hands on the dagger, give it to Gordy.

Walk to the theatre to the north of this character's position. Use Scouting mode to reveal the treasure's hiding place, then take the treasure from the stone that's to the right of the stairs.

- Read on for details of how to complete more of the Defiance Bay side quests.

- You can find the rest of our Pillars of Eternity walkthrough from the first page of this article.

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