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Pillars of Eternity: Vengeance from the Grave, Late for Dinner

Our Pillars of Eternity walkthrough continues with a guide to finishing up all of the side quests in the Valewood region of the game.

You pass through Valewood immediately after exiting the Cilant Lis Ruins region of Pillars of Eternity. However, the two side-quests in this map involve battles that you are unlikely to win at this level, and without additional party members. If this is your first time passing through the zone, you may wish to return later to finish up the extra content.

Vengeance from the Grave

Head south from the entrance towards the bottom of the map. Just to your east you'll meet Norton. Speak with Norton about the bear attack, then go north-west across the bridge, before carrying on further to the north-west. Enter the cave when you come to it and fight the Young Bear. When the fight's over, click on the corpse.

Head back towards the south and then exit to the World Map. Go to Gilded Vale, then travel south and to the east of the hanging tree. Next, go inside Ingroed's home and speak with Norton. You can let him and Ingroed go, or fight them to in order to finish up the quest.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

Late for Dinner

If you've visited Gilded Vale and collected this task from the Innkeeper - Pasca in the Black Hound Inn - you'll be heading to the Bandit Camp from the southern entrance to Valewood.

This is the recommended route, because if you stray into the Bandit Camp from the north after leaving Cilant Lis Ruins, you'll trigger the quest, but find the battle too difficult on your own at this level.

The camp itself is to the east, just north of the ruined archway. Save your game before you approach the bandits, as their prisoner Tenfrith can die during the fight if you're not careful. Take on one bandit at a time until you've dispatched them all, then speak with Tenfrith.

When you're done, exit Valewood to the south and then go to Gilded Vale. Head south-west towards the Black Hound Inn and go inside. Speak to Pasca behind the bar to complete the task.

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