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Pillars of Eternity: Breith Eaman, Memories of the Ancient, Thaos, Woedica’s Judge, Woedica’s Headsman

Our Pillars of Eternity walkthrough concludes with a handy guide to finishing the final quest and the final fight in the main storyline.

Once you land at the bottom of the pit, move north-east into a large round room. Be careful to use Scouting along the way,so you identify and traps in advance. You may not have a high enough Mechanics level to deactivate them right now, but they can be avoided if you change formations and walk in single file with your party.

When you get to the round room you'll have to fight five Spectres and Shades at the same time. Don't let your party be flanked by long-range enemies while you fight those in the middle, or the Spectres on the outside will pick you off.

Memories of the Ancient

Make sure you're in Scouting mode so you can avoid any unnecessary battles as you enter the Soul Adra prison. Move west around the outside of the room and then go inside the first chamber on your left.

Pillars of Eternity VERSUS Divinity: Original Sin

You'll have to fight Spectres and Shades here, before moving into the north-east chamber for a difficult fight with two Adra Animats and three Animats. Stick together and use area-of-effect healing spells. Travel along the corridor to the north-east of this location and then open the door. Walk through it, then move towards the column ahead of you to start a vision. When it finishes, go south-east, down the corridor and then down the stairs to update your quest.

Head north-east and collect a Ring of Searong Flame from the statue body. Move on and the area will light up. Head north, then north-west, and collect the Boots of Speed from a statue body. Move into the next room and fight three Engwithan Shades.

Keeping moving in a north-easterly direction, and then turn east. You can lure the Shadow Drake out of the room to the north-west of your position with a long range attack from a bow. The creature will approach from your left, and will hopefully avoid bringing the three Engwithan Shades in that room with it. Once you've dealt with the beast, move into the room to light it up.

Fight the three Engwithan Shades, then move east. To the south you can make a leap across a bridge if you wish to collect camping supplies, a ring and an pendant. One of your party will slip in the process though, and take defence and attribute penalties on the jump there and back.

When you're ready, walk east into the fogged area and view another room lighting sequence. Fight another Shadow Drake and three Engwithan Shades, then enter the room to the north. Travel round the rings of the room to your left, collecting items from the statue bodies. Go back around in the inner circle to the right and then to the centre to complete the mission, Memories of the Ancients.

Fight Thaos in the final battle along with Woedica's Judge and Woedica's Headsman. Make sure you spread your party out to avoid some of the area-of-effect attacks, as these can easily wipe out your whole party. Once Thaos has lost half of his health, he'll transfer his soul to Woedica's Judge.

At this point, concentrate all of your efforts on Woedica's Headsman before fighting Woedica's Judge. Once they've been dealt with, you can focus on finishing off Thaos.

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