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Pikachus protest Japan's coal consumption at COP26

Detective Pikachu is on the case.

Activists at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow dressed as Pikachu to protest Japan's support of the coal industry.

Japan ranks sixth in the world for coal consumption, accounting for 18.5 percent of the world's total consumption (Worldometer).

The country also refused to sign a pledge announced at the COP26 event to reduce coal consumption.

Protestors held a banner saying "Japan. Time To End Coal." while dressed as Nintendo's iconic yellow mouse.

Coal is the single biggest contributor to climate change. Those countries that signed the pledge have committed to end investment in coal both domestically and internationally.

An Extinction Rebellion protest also took place in Glasgow, at which Police Scotland made five arrests.

Thankfully, no Pikachus were arrested in what was a peaceful protest. As for how to reduce coal consumption, maybe we should get Detective Pikachu on the case.

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