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Pick up Persona 5 Royal for £25

That's a real treasure.

Amazon has punched the price of Persona 5 Royal edition - one of the best JRPGs released in recent years - all the way down to £25, with prices matched on the PSN Store for the Deluxe Edition!

That probably leaves most of you that picked up the standard edition of Persona 5 for free on PlayStation Plus wondering what bang for your buck you're getting with the Royal edition of the game.

Royal is essentially the definitive version of Persona 5 that makes a lot of improvements on the base game. You won't have to spend as much time raising your social stats, as Royal introduces plenty of new features to speed up the process, including playing video games and studying at the library. This makes it possible to max out your social stats in a single playthrough if you're wise with your time. Not only that, but the digital PS Store version is the Deluxe Edition, which comes with a set of cosmetics for the character Kasumi.

There are loads of new items to make combat flow more smoothly, new characters to form bonds with, and an all-new storyline to finish post-game. Whether or not you think Persona 5 Royal is worth your time will probably depend on how much time you've invested in the original, but you should definitely check out what Malindy thought of it in her full review here.

Of course, getting the PS Store version means you'll be getting digital instead of a physical copy, but some will prefer that, or just find something to enjoy in the expanded cosmetics.

Of course, there's plenty more deals here if you want to check them out! Check out where to get any PS5 stock right here, or find out where to get a free copy of classic shooter XIII here! Or you can always just head to the Jelly Deals Twitter for info on all current deals, instantly. Nice!

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