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Physics-based platformer Feist is rolling onto consoles next week

Sticks and stones may break my bones...

Bits & Beasts's rousing physics-based platformer Feist is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on 13th December.

The Swiss adventure launched on PC and Mac back in July 2015 wherein I recommended it.

Feist merges the minimalist aesthetic and heavy physics of Limbo with the swifter arcade skirmishes one typically associates with something like Donkey Kong Country or the madcap mayhem of Spelunky. It's frantic and funny, if a little frivolous.

"It may be a fraction too unambitious in the long run to really withstand the test of time - especially as it shares a genre with the likes of Spelunky, Rayman and Mario - but it's still a promising debut," I wrote in my Feist review. "More than that, it's a rousing romp on its own terms."

The console version of Feist will cost $10 (about £8).

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