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PGR4 demo details


Bizarre Creations has very kindly told us what to expect from the Project Gotham Racing 4 Xbox Live demo - just as soon as it comes out of certification and lands on your Internet face.

The demo will consists of five vehicles (made up of cars and bikes), with a demo-only Arcade mode chapter set in Macau. This will consist of new challenges that have been custom-built for the demo.

Not content with that, they are throwing in a Nurburgring Snow Time Challenge - so you'll be able to see just how pretty the track (rebuilt for PGR4) looks when it's blanketed in snow. The snowy Time Attack also includes full leaderboard support.

The full game, for which our final-build hands-on will go live oh-so-shortly, splits single-player gameplay between Arcade (128 medals from Steel up to Platinum) and Career (difficulty pre-set by user, then a season of races and events).

And of course it has lots of Internet play, with a greater focus on Friends-based leaderboards and tournaments that are suitable for players of all skills, rather than the "best in the world or nowt" mentality of old.

Sounds rather good, no? We'll let you know when it's up there.

PGR4 is due out exclusively on 360 on 12th October.

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