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Petition for Dino Dini to use Kickstarter for new Player Manager game

As Kick Off creator gives up on unpaid game development.

Dino Dini, creator of Kick Off, wrote on Saturday he was "shelving unpaid game development work" and, with it, work on a new Player Manager game.

The "small" response he got when he announced the project demotivated him. And so he's decided to dedicate his time to his life's ambition: music.

"While I follow my heart and focus on music while there is still time (hopefully), I am shelving unpaid game development work," Dino Dini wrote, "and this also means the work on Player Manager.

You say Dino Dini, but I hear Gino Ginelli!

"If I had funding, it would be a different matter; I could hire people to build the game, but that's dreaming at this point."

Or is it?

Centre Circle Studios - "the new home of Dino Dini and David Athay" - doesn't want Dino Dini to give up, and has created a petition to show that people do care.

The aim is to amass 3000 signatures and convince Dino Dini to use Kickstarter to "continue production of the game". If successful, the Player Manager game will be released on PC, Mac, Linux/FreeBSD and iOS/Android.

"If I had funding, it would be a different matter; I could hire people to build the game, but that's dreaming at this point."

Dino Dini, creator, Kick Off and Player Manager

At the time of writing, six people have signed. Seven, now. There are 30 days to reach the goal (I can't find the exact end date).

Back to Dino Dini's lament:

"Some people will say, 'Told you so,' referring to previous attempts to do remakes of mine that came to nothing," he wrote. "Well, at least I tried, is my reply. I do have a day job - it's not like I have an infinite amount of time on my hands. In any case, I need motivation.

"The response when I announced the new project was small; there is frankly not a lot of audience participation on Player Manager and since that is something that motivates me, without it my interest wanes.

"Nothing would be sadder to create a remake and end up with 100 people interested in it and nothing more. I would be extremely annoyed about that, reflecting on how I could have worked on my music instead."

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