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People are already modding Street Fighter 5

To create… abominations!

Street Fighter 5 isn't out until February, but that hasn't stopped intrepid tinkerers from modding the game.

The PC and PlayStation 4 fighting game has been in various stages of beta for a while now, affording modders the opportunity to dig deep into the game's bits and bobs. The results have been... interesting.

One modder created the appropriately named "Street Fighter V Mods ( SFV )" on YouTube channel and uploaded videos of his and others' work.

The video, below, shows a Birdie x Laura hybrid that's as nightmarish as Frankenstein's monster, versus an equally bizarre Ken x Mika hybrid.

That's not all: ever wondered what Zangief and Dhalsim would look like if they joined forces? Wonder no more:

And here's Ken crossed with Dante from Devil May Cry, because why not?

The Street Fighter 5 modding scene is, right now, small. But it's getting there. Things will no doubt kick off proper when the game comes out on 16th February. Until then, well, we've got the abominations above to play with.

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