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Paradise Lost: First Contact is like Deus Ex starring a squid

UPDATE: Hits funding goal, now coming to Wii U.

UPDATE: Paradise Lost: First Contact has achieved its Kickstarter goal of $70K with 16 days to go before its 1st December deadline.

Additionally, the game is now coming to Wii U, after shifting its stretch goals around. Now $230K will guarantee a simultaneous Wii U launch rather than have it follow the PC, Mac and Linux versions.

In other Paradise Lost news, the game was recently accepted in Steam Greenlight's latest batch of greenlit titles, along with Neal Stephenson's motion-controlled sword-fighting game Clang.

ORIGINAL STORY: Destroying all humans isn't an especially novel concept anymore with games like Mutant Blobs Attack, Katamari Damacy, and well, Destroy All Humans making the rounds in recent years, but Spanish developer Asthree Works' Kickstarter project Paradise Lost: First Contact eschews the usual comic vibe of these anti-homo sapien jaunts in favour of emulating a more serious horror movie, only where you get to play as the extraterrestrial threat.

It helps that Paradise Lost's leading alien, Subject W, has a pretty rad arsenal up its photosynthetic sleeve. While the game follows the semi non-linear Metroidvania template, there will be a strong emphasis on stealth and puzzle solving as Subject W is equipped with mental manipulation powers, decoys, organic bombs and more. As you progress, you'll be able to dictate your alien's evolution and decide whether you want to focus on action, violent stealth, or non-violent avoidance.

The game's looking pretty slick, as you can see in the debut trailer below, and Asthree's pitch has certainly been well-received with over half of its $70,000 Kickstarter goal already met in only four days. Currently the campaign's raised $43, 031 with 25 days to go before its 1st December deadline.

Paradise Lost: First Contact isn't due until December 2014 on PC, Mac and Linux, though PS3, PS4, Vita, and Wii U versions are listed as stretch goals.

For $12 backers can secure a copy of Paradise Lost upon its expected release late next year, while $25 comes with early beta access, insider forum access, and a digital soundtrack. Additionally, Paradise Lost: First Contact is on Steam Greenlight, where I'm sure it will have no problem getting accepted.

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