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Oxenfree dated for PS4 with new endings, New Game Plus mode

New content will be an update for Xbox One and Steam.

Teen horror adventure Oxenfree is coming to PS4 on 31st May as a Director's Cut with all new content like alternate endings, as well as a New Game Plus mode with additional dialogue and locations.

This New Game Plus Mode will continue the story of Alex and her friends as they explore new territory and uncover more about the game's central supernatural mystery. "Upon completing the story once, players are met at the start of a new game with fresh dialogue choices and a creeping sense of deja vu. With this feature, players will be able to further change the supernatural events of Edwards Island and the spectres that inhabit it," the developer said of this new mode.

This added content will arrive as an update for those who already own Oxenfree on Xbox One or Steam.

The PS4 version will have one nifty exclusive feature with the DualShock 4's speakers being used to play radio broadcasts and the controller's light bar will change colour in accordance to how you tune the in-game radio.

"As fans have consistently asked for a PlayStation 4 version of Oxenfree, we set out to do something really special for the PS4 debut, unlike anything any other narrative game has tried," said developer Night School Studio co-founder Sean Krankel. "Fans have become so attached to Alex and her friends, so we created this New Game Plus mode to let them impact and continue her story in a crazy way that both deepens the experience and makes it highly replayable. We want everyone to get lost in the world of Oxenfree for a long time."

Eurogamer contributor Richard Cobbett enjoyed Oxenfree upon its launch back in January. "Don't expect puzzles or fast action or hours and hours of adventuring (around 4-5, most likely), and don't expect Oxenfree to apologise for any of that. It knows what it is and it's comfortable with it; to be a slice of intrigue and warmth capable of telling its well-written story without outstaying its welcome," he wrote in his Oxenfree review.

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