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Over the Alps coming to Switch this month

Give it a snow.

Over the Alps - released on Apple Arcade and Steam earlier in the year - is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 25th.

The narrative adventure follows a spy as they race across Switzerland on the eve of World War 2, and comes with an alluring postcard-style aesthetic and multiple endings based on your choices.

The Switch version can be played docked, or in handheld mode with touch screen support, and will receive the same free updates as other versions - including the recent King of the Mountain storyline, and a third, final episode coming soon.

Over the Alps is the debut release of Stave Studios, and is penned by Jon Ingold - known for his work on the brilliant 80 Days and Heaven's Vault - and was a hit with Christian Donlan in our Over the Alps review.

"Some games have you from the start screen. So it is with Over the Alps, a narrative adventure from a team that's had experience at both Inkle and Failbetter, so knows quite a bit about this narrative adventure stuff by now."

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Over the Alps

iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch

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