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Our first look at Street Fighter 5's Alex

Plus, March update lets you request Ranked rematch.

Capcom has lifted the lid on Alex, the first downloadable character for fighting game Street Fighter 5.

The images, below, show off his new look. Alex, who first appeared in Street Fighter 3 in 1997, is a grappler, so focuses on an up close and personal style.

As such, he has a high damage Power Bomb command grab. But he's also useful mid-range with his long limbs.

His V-Skill is Overhaul. Once he finishes the animation, the next attack counts as a hard hit and damages the opponent as if they were counter attacked.

His V-Trigger is Rage Shift, which grants him access to a new clothesline attack that can be charged. During the charge it can parry an attack. On full charge it breaks guard.

And finally, Alex's Critical Art is the Heavy Hammer.

Alex will be available to download later this month when Street Fighter 5's long-awaited March update goes live. You use Fight Money to buy new characters from the in-game shop. Capcom said those who've played through all the Character Story mode content - and there isn't much of that in the game right now - will have more than enough to grab Alex for free.

The patch notes are over at Capcom Unity. One thing worth pointing out is the upcoming addition of Online Rematch, which sounds cool. Post patch you can play a ⅔ set in Ranked, providing both players accept the rematch. So if you're salty from a close loss, you can get your revenge.

There's no release date for the update yet. It's also worth noting there's no word on the promised punishment for those who rage quit - although Capcom has in recent weeks docked League Points from those it's identified have repeatedly quit matches as a deterrent.

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