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The other World War 1 shooter is out on PS4 next week

The Picardy bunch?

Know of any upcoming multiplayer World War 1 shooters heading to console soon? There's one on the tip of my tongue but I just can't... No. It's gone. But here's another: Verdun - and it's rated really highly on Steam.

Verdun is a multiplayer, squad-based first-person shooter rooted in realism, painstakingly so. Verdun has been on Steam since April 2015 and is rated "very positive", which isn't easy to achieve.

Verdun's console debut comes this Tuesday, 30th August on PS4. There is an Xbox One version but it's delayed, the developer said overnight. Until when, I don't know.

Verdun focuses on squads, which are designed around the strategies of the time. You fill a certain role within them and your squad can level up over time, gaining abilities and those itchy woollen uniforms soldiers wore at the time. Uncomfortable but warm, and they look simply dashing - have you seen Downton Abbey?

The elephant in the room is obviously Battlefield 1, the blockbuster WW1 game by EA that arrives 21st October on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It's got glitz and glamour aplenty and, yes, it looks great.

But Verdun shows that a WW1 game doesn't necessarily need that - not that it isn't handsome in its own right. Indeed, a more realistic - more muted - depiction of WW1 may even be more appealing to some.

Verdun is £18.99 on PC. Not sure how much it'll be on console.

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