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Onimusha and Clock Tower film updates

One next year, one in 2011.

Capcom has celebrated its 25th birthday today by saying a big thank-you to everyone and issuing a couple of dates for big-screen adaptations of its games.

The first is a 2011 projection for Onimusha, according to the publisher's US blog. The film was recently delayed after the death of actor Heath Ledger had a knock-on effect on various projects stacked up with related personnel.

Onimusha is Capcom's sixth-biggest selling series, according to information released by the publisher last month. The games have been largely for PS2 and are based on historical Japanese figures with a bit of a supernatural twist. Most of the games are made up of a mixture of third-person combat and puzzle-solving.

Cristophe Gans of Silent Hill film fame will be directing the Onimusha adaptation with John Collee - noted for his work on animated film Happy Feet and swashbuckler Master and Commander - doing the writing.

The other movie mentioned today was Clock Tower. Capcom tells us to expect it in cinemas as soon as next year, with IMDB going one further, claiming that filming will begin next month.

Clock Tower is the long-running survival-horror series from Capcom, and the film is going to be based on the third instalment - where a girl called Alyssa gets herself out of scrapes with monstrous spirits by using her brain.

The Hills Have Eyes II director Martin Weisz will be overseeing the spooky project, with Jason X writer Todd Farmer doing the words. Jason X is amazing - how did everything go so right?

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