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On eBay, people are selling iPhones with Fortnite installed - for thousands of pounds extra


Want Fortnite on your iPhone? There's no way to download it right now. Epic's very public row with Apple over the App Store and the fees it charges mean the world's biggest battle royale is no longer on iOS. If you've got it installed on your iPhone, you can still play. If you haven't, though, you're out of luck.

Realising this, some have taken to eBay to sell their iPhones with Fortnite installed. That's unsurprising. Pretty much the exact same thing happened with mobile hit Flappy Bird back in 2014. And remember when Konami pulled Hideo Kojima's horror game P.T. from the PlayStation Store? People sold their PlayStation 4s on eBay with the demo installed. In fact they're still doing it.

But with Fortnite and an iPhone I'm seeing absolutely silly numbers being asked for on eBay. Some people are selling their busted up iPhones with Fortnite installed for thousands of pounds extra, the kind of markup that I can't imagine anyone would fall for.

These listings... may be ambitious.

Take this listing for an iPhone 11 Pro - 512GB, for example. At most you'd expect to pay £1500 for that brand new. But this second hand handset with Fortnite installed? £3500. "Am only selling due to demand of the game on this phone," the seller said.

I'm picking the next one out because I respect the play on words: "Apple iPhone 11 64gb with Fortnite installed **Phone Less Than Fortnight Old**" Shame about the price, though: £1750.

There are many more examples, with iPhones in various states of disrepair up for sale (do check the small print!). It seems this little spat between Apple and Epic has sparked a perhaps short-lived eBay boon in used phones with Fortnite installed. Will Apple and Epic work out their differences? What happens when Epic updates Fortnite? Will it become unplayable on mobile because users can't download the update?

For me, it's worth the wait to find out, rather than spend thousands on eBay to play Fortnite now.

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