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Odyssey is fastest-selling Mario game in history

In Europe and North America.

Nintendo has trumpeted the success of Super Mario Odyssey by releasing new sales stats for its 3D platformer around the world.

In Europe, Nintendo revealed Odyssey to be the fastest-selling Mario game ever released, beating previous record holder Super Mario Galaxy 2, released for the huge install base of the Wii.

In North America, Nintendo confirmed Odyssey was also the fastest-selling Mario game there, too, beating previous record holder New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

More than 1.1m copies of the game were sold over Odyssey's first five days on sale in the US, Nintendo added, making it the fastest-selling Switch game.

On Monday, Nintendo announced two million Mario Odyssey sales worldwide over three days.

In Japan, nearly 500k copies were sold over the game's opening weekend.

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