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Oblivion expansion details

Madness of Prince Sheogorath.

Early magazine previews have spilled details about Oblivion's first real expansion, Shivering Isles.

We assume it's Xbox 360, PS3 and PC bound, though Bethesda has yet to come forward and confirm the game.

Unfortunately our biggest wish seems to have been denied, as the team looks to have chosen to focus on new content rather than overhaul some of the existing and flawed gameplay mechanics. It seems you PC gamers will still hold the upper hand in this sense, enhancing your experience with user-created mods.

The new adventures will take place in the 'Shivering Isles', otherwise known as the 'Realm of Madness', ruled over by the wacky Daedric Prince Sheogorath. It seems you're to help this fruit-loop protect himself from the god Juggalef and his Greymarch - a cleansing of the land and everyone in it.

Humour looks to be a key ingredient in this recipe, with quests and NPCs taking full advantage of the strangeness at hand. One inventive task sees you join forces with one of the Sheogorath's minions to decide how best to dispatch a group of loot hungry adventurers. The Prince has already sentenced them to death, it's your job to dictate how it happens - either kill them outright or utilise traps and illusions to drive the greedy pests insane.

The entrance to the Shivering Isles is on an Island located near Niben Bay, and the content will be suitable for all level ranges.

There's a rumoured Q2 2007 release date for this expansion, but no word on whether it will be a downloadable addition or a traditional boxed affair.

Still, it all sounds rather more fun than pushing horses down hills.

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