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Nyko's Xbox One "Intercooler" seems rather pointless

Not a fan.

Nyko has just released its $25 Intercooler for Xbox One, a console clip-on that improves the ambient temperature of the system.

Would you clip this on to your Xbox One?

The clip-on extension "dramatically" increases the rate at which hot air is pulled away from Microsoft's console. It has a single fan and is powered by a short cord that plugs into one of the Xbox One's USB ports.

Nyko said the Intercooler helps "ameliorate heat dissipation concerns" for Xbox One owners who store their console in enclosed spaces or in close proximity with other electronic devices.

Here's Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies:

"Gamers today rarely restrict themselves to a single device. Their game cabinets are bristling with hardware, consoles stacked on consoles in close quarters - under these conditions, ventilation could be an issue. The Intercooler for Xbox One is the answer to this problem."

But is it a problem?

"It's all a bit bizarre to be honest," Digital Foundry chief Richard Leadbetter told me.

The Xbox One's internal heat sink and fan are already... substantial.

"After the Xbox 360 RROD debacle, Microsoft over-engineered the cooling system on the Xbox One. The chassis itself is much larger than it needs to be in order to facilitate better airflow, while the substantial heat sink has copper heat pipes to better conduct heat. On top of that the console has a really big fan to expel the air through the copious venting on top of the unit.

"With all that in mind, to strap on another cooler onto the exterior of the case seems like overkill. If your Xbox One is really loud, or overheating for any reason, it's probably worth getting it looked at under warranty as opposed to investigating third party cooling solutions."

Nyko's got form in the console clip-on peripheral market, with some of its products more useful than others. In January it announced the Data Bank, a dock that attaches to your PS4 and lets you expand the console's storage.

Xbox One internals picture courtesy of ExtremeTech.

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