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Now there's a PES collectible card game

Wenger out.

Konami has announced a PES card collection game.

The appropriately-titled PES Card Collection, which is out now on the App Store and Google Play, charges you with collecting and training football players to complete missions and play online matches.

Matches play out in 3D. It looks like this:

"This allows you to feel the joy of every goal you score and the pain of every one you concede as if you were really there," Konami said.

There's a mode called Elevens Match, which lets you choose your best in-game player to team up with 10 other players of the game to build a dream team.

You communicate via in-game emote stamps. Based on the screenshots below, the emote stamps are Castolo and Minanda, players fans of PES' long-running Master League will know well.

PES Card Collection is a free download, so expect in-app purchases and in-game advertising.

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PES Card Collection

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