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Not all territories to get PS3 Store, says Sony

But some more will soon.

Sony has admitted that the Store element of the PlayStation 3's online service is unavailable in several countries, adding that some won't receive access to it at all.

"There are more than 102 territories in the region, and each Store has to be made unique for each territory due to different currencies and languages," Nick Sharples, SCEE's director of corporate communications, told our sister site GamesIndustry.biz.

"Stores will reach some territories in due course," Sharples continued. Some though - like Azerbaijan - simply won't, for reasons including a lack of broadband penetration.

The PS3 Store, through which it's possible to download game demos, premium downloadable games and other additional PS3 content, is seen as one of the key factors in Sony's online service. For more on the circumstances surrounding its launch and availability, check out the GamesIndustry.biz report.

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