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Nordic Games buys THQ name to use when publishing

No more "Who the f*** is Nordic Games?", says Nordic.

"Published by THQ" may not be an extinct phrase after all. Nordic Games, the surprise buyer of a whole load of THQ games at auction, has acquired the publisher's name with the intention of releasing games under it.

"It was kind of surprise to some industry veterans and players that we were the winner of the auction of the THQ titles," Nordic Games general manager Klemens Kruezer told Polygon.

"The challenging fact is nobody has ever heard about Nordic Games before [the THQ auction]. There were so many articles with the headlines 'Who the f*** is Nordic Games?' [that] we said, 'Okay they were right.'

"We have seen an uplift in the name of Nordic Games, and what we have also done is we have made a second deal with THQ where we bought the THQ trademark."

Among the games Nordic bought from THQ were Darksiders and Red Faction. Darksiders is the biggest draw, and apparently Nordic is constantly asked what it will do with it.

"This is where we need some more patience from the fans, because we want to be able to do it right," answered Kruezer. "The owner of Nordic Games has given [interviews] where he has said that he doesn't want to make a shitty sequel."

More announcements are apparently planned for Gamescom.

Nordic Games is relatively young (established 2011) Austrian company that built a business on acquiring brands from defunct publishers JoWooD and DreamCatcher (and it used their labels in the same way it intends to use THQ's).

Nordic is reviving MX vs. ATV this year with Supercross, the first video of which was aired at E3. It's being developed by a team of former MX vs. ATV devs in the US.

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