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No PlayStation 2 price cut for the UK

It's only effective in the US and Europe.

Sony has told Eurogamer there will be no reduction in the UK price of PS2 - despite the fact it's being slashed in the rest of Europe and the US.

As reported on the PlayStation blog, the US price of PS2 will be 99.99 from tomorrow. That's equivalent to GBP 70 / EUR 75.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has also released a statement saying the Euro price of PS2 is being reduced to EUR 99 (GBP 93).

But a spokesperson for Sony UK told us, "There no plans to reduce the price of PS2 in the UK."

In a post on the US PS blog Sony exec John Koller wrote, "In the gaming industry, the typical lifecycle for a console is around five years, but because we build each of our platforms for a large and diverse consumer base, we design our platforms differently.

"With the original PlayStation and now PlayStation 2, we’ve proven that consumers can rely on our platforms for their gaming and entertainment needs for at least a decade."

Koller went on to point out there are nearly 1900 games available for PS2, with new titles due this year includeing MLB 09, Ghostbusters and Guitar Hero: Metallica.

"PlayStation 2 is a great option for families looking for ways to share their entertainment experiences together; they can rock out to Rock Band, test their trivia knowledge with Buzz!, or simply use the PlayStation 2 as their DVD or CD player," he added, clearly unaware that kids today couldn't tell the difference between a piece of physical media and a crisp packet.

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