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No Okami extras for Europe

Localisation caused delay.

Those of you eagerly awaiting Okami's 9th February release date will be slightly cheesed-off to hear us Europeans will receive exactly the same game as the US were treated to back in September.

It's localisation that caused the delay, apparently, which would be down to you lot with your long-word languages.

"The reason it's taking so long to get it from US to here is the localisation into European languages," a spokesperson for Capcom told Eurogamer. "The script is about 1000 pages I believe, it's a 60 hour game."

So, no special bonus disc, no Teen Wolf t-shirt, no "painting for beginners" sets, but a large and expansive game: we can make do.

Okami, if you haven't heard, is a free roaming game from soon to be closed Clover Studio, in which you take control of a wolf who is actually a god and uses a paintbrush to cut people in half in heaven in between listening to a garrulous flea ramble on about mice with swords (thanks Tom).

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