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No Man's Sky finishers have advice about Atlas Stones

Do you want to know?

People who have powered their way to the centre of No Man's Sky's universe have some advice: keep your Atlas Stones - don't sell them despite their high sale price.

An Atlas Stone, as pictured by our pilot Chris Tapsell.

You only need hang onto 10 Atlas Stones - still a pain in the inventory-arse - so feel free to sell any surplus. We have a guide about how to increase your inventory space in No Man's Sky, don't forget.

What you need the Atlas Stones for is, naturally, a spoiler of an explanation and I'm not going there. But you can in the video below (via Kotaku). The specific moment - the 'ending' moment of sorts - occurs at 12 minutes. Don't watch any of it if preserving the story for your own personal discovery is important to you.

Atlas Stones are unexplained objects you pick up while exploring No Man's Sky, particularly while following the Atlas (story) path. Collecting 10 of them could take a handful of hours if you're well equipped and focused, or twice that if you're meandering your way through the stars. Then again it could also take you an hour if you use a No Man's Sky item duplication exploit we ran across today - you can see how exactly to use the exploit to get unlimited Warp Cells and Atlas Stones with our guide.

No Man's Sky came out yesterday in the UK on PS4, and arrives on PC tomorrow worldwide. Our No Man's Sky review will be late and for good reason, but in the mean time we have tips for getting you started in No Man's Sky, as well as a fuller No Man's Sky guide for your further travels.

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