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No Live Arcade game tomorrow


Microsoft has admitted that Xbox Live Arcade won't be saying hello to a new game tomorrow morning, although Worms is thought to be very near to release.

"We learned today that there won't be an Xbox Live Arcade game released this Wednesday.

"We know there are a few titles that we're all really looking forward to, but game development remains as much an art as a science.

"I know that everyone's working hard to bring out the titles we've announced as soon as we can," one of the communications team wrote on Gamerscoreblog.

In a quirky little video skit uploaded at the same time, the bloggers noted that Alien Hominid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are still a bit of a way off, although Worms sounds as though it was dead close.

Also on the cards for Live Arcade in the coming weeks are 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventure, Band of Bugs, Catan, Eets: Chowdown and Luxor 2.

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