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No EA Online Pass for Crysis 2

Developer Crytek didn't want it.

There will be no Online Pass code within the box of Crysis 2.

That's not because lazy shop person stole it, but because developer Crytek didn't want it, Gamertag Radio reports. And Crytek, an independent studio signed with EA Partners, has the luxury of being able to say no.

The reasons for opting out were two: first, when EA offered Online Pass to Crytek the feature was deemed too young and untested; second, Crytek wanted multiplayer played by as many people as possible, regardless of whether they bought Crysis 2 second-hand or brand new. Most console owners have never played a Crysis game, and Crytek wants to make as big a splash as possible.

Online Pass is commonplace in EA games today. The idea is to bundle a code in a box that unlocks multiplayer - or gifts various downloadable content - when redeemed. It's free to first-hand buyers but requires purchasing online should you acquire the game second hand.

EA is investigating for Eurogamer now.

Crysis 2: a leisurely-paced puzzle game.

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