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Nintendo's new 3DS game Miitopia lets your star in your own JRPG

It's a Mii.

Nintendo has a new 3DS game launching in Japan this year, and up until this weekend we knew next to nothing about it.

You can fight together in a party of up to four Miis.

Saturday brought a mini Nintendo Direct broadcast (in Japan, anyway) dedicated to Miitopia. It was delightfully bizarre, even by Nintendo standards.

Miitopia, it turns out, is a mash-up of StreetPass Quest, Tomodachi Life and JRPG tropes.

You play by collecting Miis of your friends, then assigning them personalities and jobs which become their class and abilities in battle.

There are monsters to fight, just like StreetPass Quest, except with a more advanced turn-based battling system.

These creatures have stolen the faces from other Mii avatars - no thanks to a dark sorcerer who looks a bit like Wolverine. Defeat the monsters and you'll be able to return the faces to Miis.

Miitopia also has a place for your Miis to relax outside of battle, similar to Tomodachi Life. You can visit them in their rooms and hang out to try and keep them happy. Better relationships between Mii characters mean they'll perform better in battle.

Nintendo didn't localise the Miitopia Direct - presumably because there's no word the game will actually release outside Japan. But we'd be surprised if it didn't come to the West eventually. Tomodachi Life was late to arrive in Europe but performed very well when it did.

Until then, here's the Japanese video - the gameplay footage is bookended by a live action drama starring a young office worker who feels underappreciated by her boss. It's entertaining stuff:

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