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Nintendo UK store restocks rarer Amiibo

Limit one per customer.

Nintendo has reissued a number of its harder-to-find Amiibo figurines.

Head over to the Nintendo UK store and you can currently purchase Wii Fit Trainer, Wario, Sonic, Zelda, Captain Falcon, Zero Suit Samus, Dark Pit, Palutena and Ganondorf.

And in the separate Super Mario Bros. Amiibo line, stock of the Yoshi and Luigi figures has also been refreshed.

Each character is limited to just one per customer. Add one to your shopping basket now and your delivery will be despatched next Friday one now and your

And that's as well as the super common characters such as Mario, Link and Pikachu. You can buy as many as you like of those.

Now if only Nintendo would restock the Splatoon Amiibo lost when thieves stole GAME's entire UK allocation.

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