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Nintendo to reveal Wii HD tomorrow?

Word is it'll have more storage room.

Nintendo may be planning to unveil new Wii hardware at the press conference it's holding tomorrow.

The model, dubbed Wii HD, has been shown to numerous developers and publishers already, according to What They Play.

We're told this will be a true successor to the Wii in a similar way that Game Boy Advance was to the Game Boy, and Nintendo apparently has a 2011 release slated for the high-definition console.

Aside from HD visuals, the report suggests there will be a greater emphasis on backwards compatibility and digital distribution, plus a large storage solution.

We're also told Nintendo has beefed up internal hardware research by nearly 300 per cent since the Wii was released in 2006.

Nintendo is expected to unveil a new DS at the conference tomorrow, too. This is said to contain a music player and a camera.

This is all just rumour for now, of course. Still - should be interesting, this conference.

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