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Nintendo Switch Pro! Breath of the Wild 2! Metroid Prime 4! It's the Eurogamer News Cast!

2021 saved?

With E3 fast approaching, video game news is cranking into gear. This week, we reported on Nintendo's plan to announce the Switch Pro ahead of June's show, with an autumn release date in the schedule. If the Nintendo Switch Pro launches in time for Christmas, does that mean Breath of the Wild 2 is out then, too? And what about Metroid Prime 4?

Join Eurogamer reporter Emma Kent, news editor Tom Phillips and me in the latest Eurogamer News Cast, below, where we discuss all this and more.

Eurogamer News Cast: is Nintendo Switch Pro coming to save 2021?

Elsewhere, we look at Valve's apparent plan to take on Nintendo with a Switch-style handheld device of its own. Can Gabe Newell beat the big N at its own game?

Everyone's copying Nintendo, it seems. Sega held a 'Sonic Direct' - and accidentally revealed the name of the big new Sonic game it teased for release next year.

Did you watch Horizon: Forbidden West's impressive gameplay video, which Sony released as part of a special State of Play show this week? If you did you'll have noticed Alloy now has a few new tricks up her sleeve, some of which Zelda fans will be familiar with.

And what about Battlefield 6? This week saw the release of an internal EA video for the upcoming shooter. It tells us a bit about what to expect from Battlefield - if that's the final name. Can Battlefield make a dent in Call of Duty's dominance this year? We discuss.

All this as well as the traditional what we've been playing and mug check segments make this week's Eurogamer News Cast a cracker. Dig in!

If you'd like to check out previous episodes of the Eurogamer News Cast, you'll find them handily rounded up here.

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