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Nintendo Classic Mini is selling on eBay for an average of £185

They were purchased every 18 seconds day one.

The Nintendo Classic Mini has been such a hot ticket item since its 11th November launch that the £49.99 / $60 retro console has sold for an average of $230 (about £185) on eBay since its 11th November launch.

I'll buy it at a high price.

That's a 270 per cent markup in the UK and a 283.3 per cent markup in the US.

On launch day some Buy it Now listings were closer to £200.

These inflated consoles are still selling at a rapid pace, despite their high asking price.

eBay lead PR manager Kari Ramirez offered Eurogamer the following statistics showing just how frequently these in-demand consoles have sold on the auction site over the last week:

  • 11th November: One NES Classic Edition console per 18 seconds
  • 12th November: One NES Classic Edition console per 36 seconds
  • 13th November: One NES Classic Edition console 60 seconds
  • 14th November: One NES Classic Edition console per 65 seconds
  • 15th November: One NES Classic Edition console per 83 seconds

Our own James Bartholomeou pre-ordered the Nintendo Classic Mini from Amazon on 18th September and recently received an email stating that his order would arrive between 16th-22nd November, though prior to that he was given a notice that it wouldn't arrive until 1st December.

The Nintendo Classic Mini is a very tiny console that comes with 30 NES games built in, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Metroid. That said, it cannot play titles that are not already built into the machine.

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