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Need for Speed: SHIFT 2 in the works?

CV suggests so.

A sequel to last year's racer Need for Speed: SHIFT is in the works, a developer's online CV has suggested.

Senior programmer Chris Mcclure's profile on accidental game announcement website LinkedIn (spotted by the super sleuths at Superannuation) said he worked on Need for Speed: SHIFT 2 while at UK developer Slightly Mad Studios.

The suggestion of a sequel to the 2009 multiplatform racing sim comes as no surprise. In October last year EA announced that the long-running racing series had sold more than 100 million units since its launch in 1994, and had generated over $2.7 billion in sales. Need for Speed: SHIFT has itself shifted over four million units.

At E3 2010 EA revealed Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by Guildford-based Criterion Games and due out on 16th November.

Then there's Need for Speed World, the free-to-play racing MMO for PC.

In February EA said yet another Need for Speed game will be released at some point during it's fourth quarter (1st January through 31st March 2011). Could Need for Speed: SHIFT 2 be it?

We wouldn’t be averse to the idea. Need for Speed: Shift wasn't bad at all.

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Need for Speed: SHIFT

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