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Next weekend, Pokémon Go will debut a new kind of global event


Pokémon Go has a fresh kind of event for 2019 - Limited Research - which will offer up a single Pokémon via research quests from PokéStops.

The first of these events takes place next Saturday, 19th January, during the usual Community Day hours (10am - 1pm here in the UK) and features the shabby fish Feebas - known for its ugly duckling-like evolution into the serpent Milotic.

Just like with Community Days, this will be your chance to snag a shiny version of the featured Pokémon.

It's been a year since Pokémon Go began its popular monthly Community Day events - the 13th one of which is tomorrow, Saturday 12th January, for Totodile. It sounds like Limited Research Days may become a recurring thing, too.

As for how it works, Limited Research sounds similar to the Squirtle Squad bonus tasks available during Squirtle's community day: spin Stops for simple tasks which reward you with Pokémon encounters, some of which will be shiny.

On Squirtle community day, specific Stops would always give out shinies - so it was up to players to locate these and then share their location with others throughout their local group.

It's a neat way to introduce the shiny version of what is otherwise a relatively rare Pokémon - and a refreshing change from raid days and incubator events which encourage in-game spending.

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