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Ten minutes of fun from Sony

4:25 is apparently the most boring time of the day. www.fourtwentyfive.tv aims to solve the problem. And sell PlayStations.

Bored, are you? Well, that depends when you read this. By Sony's reckoning, though, if you're reading this at 4:25 in the afternoon then you are at the lowest point of the day; a black hole that consumes your capacity for motion, creativity, or even vague interest in anything. You're bored, in other words, and nothing can sate you.

Nothing, that is, except ten minutes of irreverent PlayStation-related advertising cooked up to fill that specific void. That's the goal of the platform holder's latest "did you see?" online marketing campaign, which rather like the company's TV ads is somewhat offbeat and curiously interesting. It's called www.fourtwentyfive.tv, and the site's programming includes a look at a day in the life of a Helghast soldier from Killzone, amongst other things, and also features music by little known four-piece Outl4w, one of London radio station XFM's Rock School competition winners.

"The idea behind the site is to ease the tedium at the most boring and lowest part of the working day - 4:25pm," we're told. "The site broadcasts each day for only ten minutes and aims to be a fun 'holiday for the mind'."

However, if you're not reading this at 4:25, the chances are you won't find much to excite you there at the moment - unless you, like us, can derive mild amusement from font-too-big-for-box-related glitches like being told that it'll be broadcasting "in about 1 ho". But when you get bored today, give it a little look; it's got to be more fun than opening the BBC News front page 400 times in a row, or searching Google for revealing pictures of celebrity chefs.

Speaking of which, time to get the quiche out of the oven...

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