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TrackMania United dated

Limited run this month.

French publisher Focus Home has announced that TrackMania United - the latest release in the addictive series that mixes racing, puzzles and track design - will be released in America next February.

Which is technically a delay, since it had been due out in November. Buuuut, curiously, Focus is planning to sell 10,000 copies of the game online on 17th November as part of a "special early international release".

What peculiar people. It'll be the full game, too, with no limitations - other than the amount of people allowed to buy it. The TrackMania United page on Focus Home's website suggests it will cost EUR 39.99.

As the name suggests, TrackMania United is a sort of compilation game, featuring all the content from the previous titles as well as a new content editor and in-game browser, and a unified ranking system.

On top of that, the engine has also been updated to offer more realistic shadowing, and the TrackMania Nations environments will feature twice the amount of building blocks that featured in the original (free) Nations release.

For more on TrackMania, check out our reviews of the original game and the sequel TrackMania Sunrise.

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TrackMania United


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