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H&D2 patch and expansion planned

(Not the same.)

Hidden & Dangerous 2 producer Lukas Kule has revealed in an interview that Illusion Softworks is working on an expansion pack for the highly rated World War II-based tactical action game, which came out last Friday and made it to No.19 in the Chart-Track Top 40.

In answer to a question about the lack of co-operative support in H&D2, Kule first noted the game's existing multiplayer modes, and then said that, "As for some of the things we did not have time to build into the game, we are already working on the expansion pack, so maybe you will find them coming not too far down the line."

Meanwhile, Illusion Softworks CEO Petr Vochozka has told another website that the developer plans to release their first patch for H&D2 later this week, aiming to fix all known bugs in both single and multiplayer for the English retail version. According to that report, future patches will deal solely with the multiplayer side of things - and the item also notes that the Czech version of H&D2 should have shipped with the patch already included.

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