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Super Farm ignites

It's got fighting chickens in it.

Ignition Software, which has just gained itself a new Creative Director in veteran developer Archer MacLean - responsible for Dropzone and International Karate amongst others -, has released details on its forthcoming Super Farm, a "melee combat title" for PS2. Don't wander off just yet, as the concept is at least a little creative and a little... adult; ten animals fighting each other in a story-led adventure for the affections of a voluptuous hen called Pamela. A number of mission objectives are also introduced, including knocking out a set number of your opponent's teeth, or delivering kittens to Pamela for her to... ah... wipe her arse on? That's what it says here, anyway. We can presumably expect all sorts of "wacky" and "loopy" antics across the game's 16 levels and the extra unlockable mini-games. Expect Super Farm to rear its head in September.

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