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Ecco creator working on shark sim

3,000 teeth, and he's not happy.

Sharks. Hollywood loves 'em. Over the years, the Great White in particular has formed the basis of a number of entertaining sharky films, from Jaws to Deep Blue Sea. But until now, the games industry hasn't shared Hollywood's fascination with the Carcharodon carcharias and its sea-dwelling chums. Well, we can't have that now, can we?

And who better to develop the concept of a Great White Shark sim than Ecco the Dolphin developer Appaloosa Interactive? Presumably nobody. They certainly seem to think so, and various screenshots and movies of their as-yet unsigned Sole Predator for PS2 and Xbox seem to back them up to a certain extent.

Granted, it looks a bit difficult to control, but thrashing around killing pesky workmen drilling oil and sending the shark into a frenzy with their low-frequency radio waves has got to be fun. Appaloosa is promising a fully destructible environment, with 64 points of disconnection on every building, boat and person, which you can see some evidence of in the shark's destructive demo movies.

Although Sole Predator so far lacks a publisher, it apparently offers 20 single-player levels, split-screen and online multiplayer, and we quite fancy a go on it, if only because we like eating things.

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