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World of WarCraft Euro beta signup details

Not long to go now.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that signups for the European closed beta of its massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of WarCraft will kick off on July 5th. Potential testers can register at Blizzard's various European websites in England, France and Germany.

Following signups, Blizzard will pluck a random selection of testers out of some sort of giant digital hat, and promises that all will receive equal consideration - after all, the goal is to test the widest possibility variety of locations, configurations and such.

Meanwhile, Blizzard also points out that with a local European team backing up local European servers for the game, WOW is "the first non-licensed MMORPG in Europe to have a dedicated regional team in place" - responsible for localised offline customer support, and in-game support through game masters/community management. Which is jolly nice.

So, write it in your diary. July 5th. We'll pop up a reminder when the signups go live.

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