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New game gloves invented

By sweaty-palmed child.

An American gamer by the name of Zac Bandremer has come up with a solution to the age-old problems of sweaty palms, sticky fingers and little bits of grey ming gathering on your controller.

Zac, who is just 14, developed the GameHand gloves together with his Dad. Made of nylon and lycra and featuring sticky silicone palm pads, they're designed to stop your hands slipping and prevent blisters "so that you can experience maximum results in your game controller usage."

There's also a sweatband for wiping your brow when it all gets too intense, and your fingertips are left free for precision control. Pictures can be found here.

"I take my video games seriously. I think most players do," says Zac.

"With my Dad's help, we've come up with a radical looking glove that's made with a super sticky palm that grips the controller like nothing else, and it looks really, really cool, too! All of my friends use it."

Zac and his Pops have now set about marketing the product via the official GameHand website, and they reckon it's going to be huge.

"I know I'm a kid and all, but my goal is to get this glove into the hands of players everywhere, and make this the biggest thing. That would be very cool," Zac says.

"I'm really proud I helped invent the GameHand. You gotta love the glove!"

The GameHand is currently available in three different colour schemes - red, blue and yellow - priced $19.95.

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