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SWOS on Live Arcade

Possibly still the best football game set to return.

In another coup for Microsoft's commitment to classic gaming, the original Sensible World of Soccer is set to make its return over Xbox Live. The new version will be based on the original (and definitive) Amiga version of the game, retaining its gloriously pixelly bird's-eye view and sublimely intuitive sense of control.

It remains to be seen whether the Xbox Live version will include the twenty season career mode, or the thousands of clubs and players that featured in the original, but this is clearly brilliant news.

Except not every fan of Sensible Soccer is happy. Eurogamer contacted the official world champion Sensible Soccer player, Simon Byron (winner of the second Sensible Soccer World Cup, held in the City Pride pub, Farringdon, in 1994), for a comment.

"Genuinely, this is the worst news for me, because I can no longer hide behind the fact that I've not got an Amiga in order avoid being beaten by everyone - therefore retaining my 'current World Champion' claim indefinitely," he curmudgeoned. "That said, I bet Eurogamer readers are easy. But I'll only comment on the story if you mention my Gamertag and The Triforce in some way." Hmm. We'd like to, byronicmanuk, except we just can't think of any way to do so.

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