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Spinout spins closer

PSP and PS2 stunt racing.

UK based indie Icon Games, which says it is dedicated to innovation, originality, compelling gameplay and lavish visuals, has announced a new PSP and PS2 game called Spinout due out in "late 2005".

We also have a couple of sets of screenshots for you to admire on PS2 and PSP as well.

It's an arcade racing game with stunt-based courses in which you control a spherical craft called a Xorb - a ball of some sort, then - and race around tracks suspended high in the air. It sounds a bit like Mercury and Monkey Ball having a party with Wipeout. Though lord knows if that's actually the case.

There'll be a four-player multiplayer mode with several competitive options, lots of weapons, special stunts to perform (risks rewarded with various bonuses), and a total of 54 race courses split over four classes.

On the PSP, wireless networking will allow players to share best times, though, it sounds, will not be used for direct networked racing.

You can also expect to customise your Xorb, which will suffer the brunt of any damage that comes its way, and unlock lots of courses, skins and body styles, player outfits and other game modes.

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