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GRAW PC demo


With Xbox 360 owners now thoroughly clued in to what Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter's like thanks to single and multiplayer demos, Ubisoft's decided to give PC gamers a crack at it with a 509MB showcase.

Available from Eurofiles, the demo features the game's second mission, allowing you to play it alone or with three other people over a LAN if you fancy some co-op. Recommended specs for the demo are a P4 2GHz, GeForce 6/7 or Radeon 9600-9800, 1GB RAM and 5GB hard disk space - although we fancy the latter's for the full game rather than the demo.

Anyway, the full version of the PC game's due out on May 5th, which is good news for my Mum's whose birthday it is then. Should I get her GRAW? Or some flowers and some lefty pinko literature about the government's radically anti-owl agenda?

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, PC

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