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Mario and Luigi 2 details

It'll work with the Rumble Pak.

Nintendo has revealed more details of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, including news that it'll work with the new Rumble Pak - so when you perform a powerful attack, a lucky hit, or cause an explosion, your DS will vibrate accordingly.

The story begins when Princess Peach disappears into the past in Professor E. Gadd's time machine, leaving our heroes to give chase. Along the way they'll come face to face with baby versions of themselves, along with "a wealth of friends and enemies, both new and old" - including Bowser, Toadsworth, Kamek and Yoshi. Not to mention evil aliens the Shroobs, who are intent on taking over the Princess's kingdom.

Both screens will come into play, as you can see from the newly released screenshots, and you'll need to make Mario and Luigi work together to jump gaps, solve puzzles, battle enemies and the like. As you progress through the game you'll be able to level up by using timed button presses to earn experience points.

There are also new combo moves to learn, including the Spin Jump, Hammer Dive and Ball Bros. The fast-action battle system is back and the Mario bros. will get to team up with their baby selves for super moves, such as the Trampoline and Cannonballer.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time will be in the shops by Christmas.

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