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Wii date and price on Sept 14?

Reggie to speak in New York.

We might not have to wait until TGS to learn the Nintendo Wii price and release date after all.

That's certainly what a lot of people are saying now that Nintendo has issued invites to a September 14th event in New York hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime.

The colourful Nintendo of America president will apparently help those attending through the company's upcoming line-up.

Vague, yes, but then you'd hardly expect them to blurt it all out. There will also be some hands-on gameplay after Reggie finishes, apparently.

Whatever happens, Nintendo has pledged to clue us all in on the Wii sometime in September - and with the console due out before the end of 2006 and price estimates flying all over the place, it can't be long now.

When asked what was going on, Nintendo UK said: "As it's a Nintendo of America event we can't comment on activities or events in their market." Tricky!

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